User Mannual for ESP-12E Motor Shield

Technique Specifications

  • Input Power:

    ~motor power (VM): 4.5~36V, can be powered seperately;

    ~control power (VIN): 4.5V~9V(10V MAX), can be powered seperately;

    ~provide the shorcut connector (short by VM and VIM), thus can use one power source (must be 4.5V~9V) to complete the drive and control for motor at a time.

  • Logic working current Iss:<=60mA (Vi=L), <=(Vi=H);
  • Driven working current Io: <=1.2A;
  • Max of dissipation power: 4W(T=90℃);
  • Control signal input voltage: 2.3V<=VIH<=VIN (high), -0.3V<=VIL<=1.5V (low);
  • Woring temperature:* -25℃-+125℃
  • Driven model: double ways large power H bridge driven;
  • ESP-12E Dev Kit control port: D1, D3 (motor A); D2, D4 (motor B);
  • Weight: about 20g.