User Manual for WiFi Car by NodeMCU (DoitCar)


DoitCar is designed and developed by Shenzhen Doctors of Intelligence & Technology (SZDOIT), which is the most cost-effective. It is widely applied in many fields, sucha as the electronic lover, college students, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile data collection, etc. DoitCar has a great temptation for the smart car solution.

The DoitCar kit is including the car chassis, 2 pieces of 6V motors, NodeMCU WiFi board, motor driven shield board. Especially, all the codes and hardwares are open for all people.

Accordingly, the software collections are including android, Webchat, and internet. The android code is also open for all people to further develop it by your novel idea.

DoitCar is controlled by ESP-12E (as the control board) and ESP-12E Motor Shield (as the driven board). For more information about these two boards, please visit

  The develop computer language is Lua for DoitCar with large API encapsulation, which can make users design and exploit their products quickly and conveniently. In addition, DoitCar can be programmed under the condition of Arduino IDE.

For more information about DoitCar, please visit Skype: yichone. Email: [email protected].