User Manual for WiFi Car by NodeMCU (DoitCar)

2.2 STA Mode

Under the STA mode, the DoitCar can be controlled by phone APP, WeChat, and page from internet. Note that, if using STA mode, you should firstly download the DoitCarControl.lua ( into the DoitCar. For more details about download methods, please visit the documents on NodeMCU development (). Before download the DoitCarControl.lua into the control-board, you must let the SSID name and password in DoitCarControl.lua same as the ones in your router. In addition, in the DoitCarControl.lua, you should rename the car as the one you like (the default name is car). This name is used as the device name controlled by mobile phone, Wechat, and web-page.

The following Figure is shown that car is controlled by web-page.