Development of NodeMCU

# Section 1: Development Process for DoitCar

When you get the DoitCar, can develop it by the following steps

Step 1) Hardware: one computer, one piece of MicroUSB cable (not MiniUSB);

Step 2) Software:

(a) DoitRobo is designed based on NodeMCU. The newest version of NodeMCU firmware can be downloaded from

Tips: firmware can be devided Float version and Integer version. To minus the power consume as soos as possible, Interger version is generally used.

(b) Firmware download tools: Two types: nodemcu_flasher32bit.exe/nodemcu_flasher64bit.exe, can be chosen by the system Win32 or Win64. The newest version is

(c) Debug tool: The debug tool is LuaLoader. The newest version is downloaded from or

(d) other tools:internet debug tool, serial tool, ect.

Step 3): Burnthe firmware by Section 2;

Step 4): Debug by Section 3;

Step 5): Program the Lua file. Then, download and debug.